Creating audience engagement and interactivity in On-Demand Sessions

Our agency uses the On-demand feature to create a variety of different webinars/learning events for participants. Rather than just continue to build them with the same "poll" slides containing multiple choice questions/true false questions, what other audience engagement strategies do you all use in the on-demand webinars?

Just wanted to add in something we've tried before with mixed success, but perhaps something you could refine. We tried to use some very shortened URLs to try to send people to different pages and get them to download a piece of content or fill out a form to get something. It was a good way to further qualify leads since getting someone to actually type in a URL to get a piece of content or get a demo shows much more engagement and qualification.

We had a partner that really wanted to generate demos and we were able to generate several from a well-attended webinar with this method. The demo leads were 100x more valuable to them, so it turned out really good in that instance. We did have them offer something for signing up for the demo (gift card, small gift, something like that), but they usually do for many promotions, so it wasn't any extra effort.

Practice questions throughout OD webcast and final exam

I find that a lot of on-demand webinars I attend still seem geared toward live learning. The most successful ones are structured more like an online class, where polls are stuctured not to gauge an audience response, but for the attendee to assess the knowledge he/she has gained so far and to track his/her absorption of the course material.

You could also try referencing resources for the attendee to complete challenges on their own time, and a way to share their work, either socially via hashtag, or to your own community (so they still feel like a part of a group).

While polls are good we have also tried making it into a trivia style game sort of webinar which works so in a sense a repurpose of a poll but its still a poll. Offer up resources for download and the big one add live chat

We don't change up too many playbacks on the OnDemand webinar series, instead we are playing a bit with SimULive so that we can broadcast a recorded session and then supplement that with live Q&A during the broadcast, when the recorded portion is done. Seemed to work well in a couple of instances, kind of depends on the objective of your webinar I believe, and what overall experience you want your audience to have at the end. In my specific program the way we execute works well, which might or might not work for you Karen.

Trying to add questions by the speakers, live and use chat for answer. Another item is to add an automatic survey at the end of the webinar.

For some of ours we make sure they know the QandA widget is still live. We then set up the widget to notify the proper party via email. This way they still get their questions answered when the webinar is not live.

We encourage people to engage with us in the Group Chat (a wonderful widget we just started using!) for Live webinars. We have them share any other thoughts with us there. I usually watch over the QA while another colleague works the Group Chat icon. When it moves to On-Demand, we then will be encourage them to submit any responses via the QA window. We also try to be careful when using poll questions - we want to gain certain information about our audience and not all questions are created equal in that sense. We really try to get folks to write to us rather than just answering the basic poll questions. We sometimes use social media as a means of engagement but don't find great results with that. We also include a survey for every webinar - with a text box at the end where they can share their thoughts and ideas. People usually love to share so this gives great information.

We always make sure that a survey pops up at the end that never shuts off. Garners immediate feedback and asks for their thoughts on future webinars

We also do the survey as a side bar and a pop up after the event. We also ask people for their feedback before, during, after the webinar.

We always encourage the audience to ask questions during the live webcast, participate in polls, download documents that we make available and answer survery questions at the end.

We try to incorporate lots of different strategies. We have polls, brain games, survey, on screen CTA, resources and live demonstrations.

Live polls is a great way to start engagement during the webinar. We also ask live questions and let the speaker answer the first few that come in, allowing for customers and attendees to ask questions on the spot

If you have any engaging interactive pieces on your site that tie in well with the webinar's content, be sure to highlight those. If you don't have any -- think about building some.

Particularly tools that will drive them to return to the site or will help them build knowledge or strengthen skills.

Interactivity doesn't end with the webcast.

use the pulse check feature! Super easy lightweight method to get feedback and not interrupt the flow of slides etc!

Are you giving an exact date for the SimULive webinars? Or are you doing different Q&A dates with the prerecorded session?

Does pulse check work for on demand viewing as well? I have tried this during the live event, but not pre-recorded ones yet.

We are still working on increasing audience engagement with on demand viewers.

We've added a line, as part of our housekeeping items, directly speaking to on demand viewers and letting them know they can add questions any time, and respond to the poll and survey and we will receive those responses. This has given us a few people who have engaged with us, but we're still trying to get a higher percentage of people viewing the on demand recording and interacting with the platform.

I'd be interested to hear what you have done since this post that has worked for you.

Practice exams or worksheets via resource center, possibly that they have to send to you afterwards.